Fall All-Stars 2018

Saturday, August 11th All-Star Tryouts
Saturday, August 18th All-Star Practice Begins
Sunday, November 4th Final All-Star Tournament

How do I register for Fall All-Stars?

  • Fill out the player application (download application HERE ) and email the completed application to wvumpireinchief@gmail.com by Friday July 27 th.  Payment will be due after tryouts.
  • Players that are not selected for All-Stars are encouraged to register for our Fall Ball Rec program.


  • $325 if player already has a Summer All-Star uniform.  $475 if uniform is needed.


  • Tryouts will be held on Saturday August 11th at Bagby to evaluate players
    • 8U (2009-2011) 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • 10U/12U (2005-2008) 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
      • Arrive 20 minutes early to allow time for check-in
      • Do not wear All-Star uniform.  Wear Rec uniform or other comfortable gear
  • Tryout scoring will be done by the Fall Ball All Star Committee and Fall All-Star head coaches

What age level All-Stars do you play in the Fall?

  • The general guidance is that girls play where they would be slotted in Spring 2019.  However, girls are technically eligible to still play in their existing age level until Dec 31st.
  • Most girls, will play at their Spring 2019 level, but adjustments will be made as needed to make the team numbers work and to ensure teams have enough pitchers and catchers.  
  • The exception is 8U, where the team will be more of a 9U team comprised of only 8s and 9s.

Anticipated Teams

  • 12U (2005, 2006, 2007)
  • 10U (2007, 2008) 
  • 8U   (2009, 2010)  
  • Note for 12U:  2007 Players that do not make the 12U All-Star teams will still be eligible to make a 10U All-Star Team
  • Note for 8U:  2011 Players with prior softball experience may apply

How long is the All-Star season?

  • Practice Begins: Saturday August 25th 
  • First Tournament: Sept 8-9 (4 to 5 tournaments through the season)
  • Last Tournament: Nov 3-4

Where would the tournaments be located?

There are plenty of local tournaments for coaches to pick from either NorCal USA or USAAA Recommend: One travel tournament (Optional depending on coach and player availability)

How often would practice be?

  • Two weekdays plus weekends when not playing a tournament
  • Coaches will work with families/players for the best schedule.  We understand many players will also be playing a fall sport such as soccer or field hockey at the same time.

Team Selection/ Eligibility

  • Fall All-Star teams are open to all players. It is NOT a requirement to have played WV Summer All-Stars or WV Spring Rec.
  • Playing Summer All-Stars does not necessarily guarantee a spot on a Fall Ball All-Star team. It will be dependent on coach and player availability.
  • If there are more interested players than available coaches or spots, it may be necessary to cut some players.
  • The All-Star Fall Ball Committee will work with the coaches to place players on the appropriate teams and to ensure that designated pitchers/ catchers are placed on the teams where they will get the most playing time.
  • Team rosters will be between 12-14 players

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