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Board Positions Overview

The primary purpose of the Board of Directors: is to perpetuate the League through the education, training and organization of unpaid, responsible, volunteer adults: to position those adults in various assignments in the League structure, so that the result of such efforts will be that an opportunity will be offered to young women, (5-14), for their education, instruction and training for the purpose of improving and developing their capabilities as members of the community utilizing the game of softball as a vehicle.

President: Member of the executive board and presides over all League meetings and is responsible for all volunteer personnel and League functions and assets. Assists the Treasurer in preparing budgets.

Vice President: Presides over League meetings in the absence of the President and is a member of the Executive Board. Assists the President in all activities and is responsible for opening and closing day ceremonies as well as all clinics.

Secretary: Member of the Executive Board and is responsible for all official correspondence, filings, purchasing of awards, and picture day.

Treasurer: Member of the Executive Board and is responsible for depositing all funds in the bank account, including signing checks as directed by the Board. Also, oversees collection of all funds from fundraising. Will submit a financial statement at Board meetings. Responsible for assisting in preparation of the annual budget.

Chief Player Agent: Member of the Executive Board and is the representative of all players in the League. Will supervise all registrations, submitting team rosters and updates as appropriate. Will keep accurate records of player information. Responsible for League registration days. Must attend all division team draws.

Umpire-in-Chief: Member of the Executive Board. He/she is the interpreter of the Field Playing Rules. Review and update rules and recommend modifications. Research and suggest competitive umpire fees for season. Actively recruit umpires and coordinate scheduling of training classes for umpire candidates.

Umpire and Field Coordinator: Responsible for assigning umpires and will assist in the make-up of the regular League schedules, assigning playing fields and any other accommodation at the field level. Will secure all necessary permits for League us of assigned fields and will ensure that managers receive copies of appropriate permits for practice.

Past President: Member of the Executive Board. Will advise and lend support to the President, Board of Directors and the League. Will introduce new president to all appropriate contacts such as schools districts, parks officials, etc. Will assist in preparing the annual budget with the President and Treasurer.

Safety: In charge of the entire safety program for the League. Will ensure first aid kits are distributed and will maintain first aid supplies. Will report any incidents to the Board. Has authority to call a practice or game due to unsafe conditions.

Finance (sponsors): Responsible for all sponsor activities, including making regular reports on those activities and finding sponsors for all League teams.

Fundraising: Chairperson of all fund raising programs as directed by the Board. Is in charge of the Opening Day Pancake Breakfast.

Equipment: Annually inspects and counts all League equipment, and with the results of that inventory will present to the Board along with recommendations and budget for equipment purchases at the December Board meeting. Will purchase equipment and discard broken or unusable equipment. Will allocate equipment to team managers/coaches in February. Will collect equipment from Spring teams. Will purchase equipment as needed and approved by the Board.

Facilities Director: Inspects all facilities and batting cages used by the League to determine repairs or needed upgrades. Assist in preparing orders for items needed for field maintenance days.  Responsible for securing portable toilets and purchasing field maintenance equipment.  Works with school district Facilities tech & any open contracts in place for field maintenance.

Field Director: Inspects all four fields at Bagby and determine necessary repairs.  Will order all materials necessary for field maintenance days corresponding to the infields.  Responsible for organizing, training, and scheduling field crews to prepare fields for regular season play and summer tournaments.  Responsible for securing portable toilets and purchasing field maintenance equipment.  Works with Facilities Director and Adult Reg & Safety board member to call off field usage due to weather and safety concerns.

Cambrian School District Liaison: Details coming soon.

Uniform: Purchase uniforms in accordance with the Board's directive, and is responsible for allocating and distributing uniforms to team managers. Also will handle uniform needs for All-Star teams.

Snack Shack: Procures all supplies for the operation of the Snack Shack. Will hire or organize a team to operate the Snack Shack on game days. Will ensure all monies collected are turned over to the Treasurer.

Publicity: Organizes all League publicity efforts leading up to the Spring season registration, including posting of signs, registration flyers, distribution to the schools. Will work with the Chief Player Agent on this effort. Responsible for all email blasts, website and social media with help from others as needed.

Divisional Player Agents: 14u, 12u, 10u, 8u and 6u (one person for each position). In charge of their respective divisions program. Is responsible with the Chief Player Agent for registrations. Will work to get qualified coaches and managers. Will ensure playing and practice conditions are properly attended to.

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