Practice Field Reservations

Field Priority

10U and 12U have priority on Bagby and City fields. 8U teams may request dirt fields if open (see below). Fammatre is available only for 8U Teams. Metzler (ATLC) is available only for 6U teams.

Reservation Requests

  • All requests are made to the Umpire-in-chief ( via email only.
  • Subject line should read as follows:
      Practice Request: Div-#, Field, Date, Time
    for example:
    Practice Request: 10U-4, Field 3, 3/15, 4:30pm
  • Please notify UIC promptly if a field reservation will go unfilled. Other teams would like to use it.
  • Requests will be granted in a first-come-first-served manner by email timestamp. Requests arriving before the completion of an existing reservation or prior to the 48-hour window (8U) will be discarded.

Reservation Rules

  • A maximum of two field practices and two batting-cage (10u+) practices can be booked at one time.
  • After a booked practices has completed, a new reservation can be made.
  • 8U: Requests for practice at Bagby or City Fields must be made within 48-hours of desired practice start time.

Batting Cages

Batting cages are available to 10U+. Batting cage reservations do not count against field reservation requests. A team can have two-batting cage reservations at any one time.

Sharing Fields

When field space is limited, you may request to share a field with another team that already holds a spot. The UIC will pair two teams on the same field for practice if there are no other openings that day. 8U teams can only request to share with other 8U teams. Each team is entitled to half the practice time for infield practice. Coaches of the two teams will need to coordinate who has field first or second on their own.


Pre-season (before the first game of the season) practice will be assigned with two-standing practice times per-team. A third practice may be requested by a coach at any one time. This changes the maximum booked reservations to three for the duration of the pre-season.

Bagby Week

Bagby week gives priority to 8U and 6U teams on Bagby fields before the first games. This time is used to get teams acquainted with the dugout, bases, and dirt infield. This may impact standing practices of 10U+ teams.

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